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The Mega Companies

From professional staffing and payroll processing, to high-level business consulting and supply chain management, to on-time truck and trailer trailer repair services, you'll find what you need to grow your company.

Supply Chain

Optimizing and managing your network for maximum efficiency.


We match experienced professionals with the appropriate clients.


Leveraging the best and newest tools to aggregate and analyze your freight data and your current practices.

Truck Repair

Servicing the machinery that makes it possible for you to do business.

Mega Transportation Group Trucking
Mega Professionals Job Board

We’ve assisted thousands of satisfied businesses and individuals in the transportation and professional staffing industries over the last 40 years.

Dynamic. Every day.

MEGA is a family of companies dedicated to providing your business with an array of services that compliment each other so that your time is best spent building your brand.

We are family owned, with decades of experience and a solid history of success in the region.
You have choices when it comes to analyzing your logistics. Our multi-step approach spends much needed time upfront really getting to know your business.

In ancient Greece, the horse was domesticated. The draft horse served for centuries to pull heavy loads. The ‘heavy’ horse carried knights in armor into battle. And the Arabian horse was the ancestor to the modern thoroughbred, the star of ‘the sport of kings.’

The Mythology behind the Mega Horses

This versatility is one reason why we have chosen the horse as the symbol of our company. And combined with the word “Mega”, our name, it represents an unbeatable combination of strength, great strategy, and great quality. In fact, the MEGA Companies’ mission is to provide our customers with these benefits and with superior, multidimensional business services. A full range of resources that can truly make your business great.
From professional staffing and payroll processing, to high-level business consulting and supply chain management, to on-time trailer repair, to data analytics, you’ll find what you need to grow your company. And all of these services are delivered at the highest standards!

Our Companies

With over 40 years of experience in the transportation sector, Mega has the solutions your business needs to optimize and maintain the services and machinery you need to be as efficient as possible.

The Mega Transportation Group

The parent company and headquarters of all Mega properties.


Mega Transportation Group


Mega Logistics

Mega Logistics

Ensuring that product is delivered on time and at the right price.

Mega Professionals

Matching and array of qualified professionals to our clients.


Mega Professionals


Mega Truck Repair

Mega Truck Repair

Repairing and maintaining trailer fleets.

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